Social Hotness 101: When is it the Right Time to get Hitched??

Is there such a thing in proposing too soon?  Is getting hitched something that’s time sensitive?

At times we often believe that when we meet that person that gives us the heart eyes, sweaty palms and the brightest smile to all match the heartbeat that skips twice we’ve found “the one”, whether it’s 2 weeks in or 2 years later.

It’s not until we either spend the rest of our life with them or break it off with them that determine if our judgment was right.

All of these thoughts were stirred up when word got out that Big Sean (Rapper) was now engaged to his model girl friend Naya Rivers after dating her for only 6 months. A lot of people are saying this is too soon, he barely knows her and he should just take it slow and see how things go, apparently Big Sean think he’s waited long enough and he’s ready to take one-step closer to jumping the broom.

 Is 6 months dating a suffice amount of time to determine if you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with someone? A guy being damned if he does or doesn’t is what surfaces when you think about it. If a guy’s take longer than 2 years to fetch the idea of life-long commitment he’s labeled the guy who plays games and never wants to commit; While on the same token if he proposes in 6 months or less as Big Sean did he’s moving too fast. No?

 Is it harm in wanting to settle down as soon as you believe you’ve found the right one? We need answers!

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