Beyonce has finally come clean about using a surrogate to birth her and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy, everyone had their doubts about the pregnancy. Get the full details inside!
A lot of supporters stuck with Beyonce, despite her belly folding incident, more than a few still believed the singer. In addition to seeing videos on tumblr of a pregnant Mrs. Carter, we can't be sure it was authentic footage or some staged BS.

According to Hip Hop Hangover: publicist, Marion Knight, issued a statement to the media on Beyoncé's behalf:

"It saddens me to upset my loyal fans and followers, but this has been weighing on me for sometime. I have decided to come clean about my pregnancy with Blue. I never carried her physically, but emotionally she was apart of me the entire nine months. Again I apologize for deceiving my loved ones. We arranged a surrogate and we thought we compensated her appropriately. But now she has come out with allegations about being my husbands mistress and trying to capitalize on marriage rumors in hopes of getting more."

Beyoncé's publicist declined to actually comment on a specific name of the surrogate, but all evidence points to model/rapper Liv, who created a music video aimed at Beyoncé and Jay-Z. We are a little confused as to why Liv wasn't legally held to silence via contract, to stop the information from surfacing (if in fact she was the actual surrogate).

Who knows? Who cares? Blue Ivy is growing beautifully with her celebrity parents and their doing a great job raising Blue!

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