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Netflix Moochers are super annoying! I mean seriously, folks who beg for your Netflix log-in just to avoid kicking out a few bucks per month. We can point you in the right direction in an effort to figure out if your Netflix log-in is getting passed around. As reported by Business Insider, here's what you need to do:

Sign into your Netflix account on a computer, then visit the Your Account page (or click on that link and sign in).

Next, scroll down to the My Profile section and click on Viewing Activity.

Here you'll find a list of shows your account has recently streamed, which in and of itself is an indicator someone is using your account. But a better way to check is to click on the "See recent account access" link atop the viewing activity page.

A popup will display a list of devices that have used your log-in credentials to access Netflix, and their respective location.

If you find a location or device that shouldn't have access to your account, you either need to have a talk with those you've shared your password with or you can change your password, effectively cutting off access.

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