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DMV ISH Returns and Gives Power to Local Artists

Annapolis, Maryland - March 15, 2016 - Increased music submissions from the local music market have been coming in at an alarming rate. The music submissions are "always welcomed", according to the intern of urban programming for Annapolis Broadcast System the radio station averages 100+ music submissions per day.

Annapolis Broadcast System has been the hub of online radio station Power 99.1-Annapolis since 2014, the radio station specializes in pop, hip hop, rap, and r&b. Broadcasting worldwide 24 hours a day, on multiple music streaming applications.
"For a while we had no idea what to do with all the music submissions, out of the 100 entries per day only 15-35% of the music was radio quality. From that point it was our mission to educate musicians on industry standards, as well as provide local artists with a consistent outlet for their art."
In recent months the number of phone and web requests for indie artists has increased, with majority of the requested artists being from the DC/MD/VA//DE area.

Annapolis Broadcast System is positive that a stable portal of music from local musicians will benefit by authenticating the artists sound.
"People know that if they want to hear what's hot and trending in music, they listen to Power 99.1-Annapolis. Now, aside from mainstream music, listeners will enjoy the same curated music programming, the only difference is that it's not Drake in rotation it's ONLY artists from the D/M/V area."
Annapolis Broadcast System is a mixed interactive media network in Annapolis, Maryland. In addition to founding and operating Power 99.1-Annapolis, the company acquired media publishing company, The ISH Media, LLC in 2013. The company is set to unveil additional programming outlets later in the year.

DMV ISH will air on Power 99.1-Annapolis from 6-10 PM EST beginning Sunday, March 27, 2016 and continue thereafter. Artists submit music by Email: Subject: DMV ISH.

Annapolis Broadcast System
PO Box 1623
Annapolis, Maryland 21401


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