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Election Day has arrived, here are some frequently asked questions about the voting process. There are some newbies who get to exercise their right for the first time, and we thought this information would be helpful. Share your pictures with us @power991live on Twitter & Instagram

To locate your exact polling location click here. When using the database please use the address that is on your state issued identification card or driver's license.

   Do I need to show identification to vote?
Most states require some form of identification either when you register and/or when you vote. The rules vary state by state. Check out your state rules at our Election Center.
Does a voter card serve as a form of identification for voting?
Most states do not accept a voter card as a form of ID. If you are a first time voter who mailed in your registration form, you should check out our Election Center to find out what identification you will need at the polls.
Do I need my voter card in order to vote?
No. Voter cards let you know that you have successfully registered to vote. They contain information for where you will vote on Election Day and a phone number for your state if you have any questions. Voter Cards are NOT required in order to vote. Check out our Election Center for additional information about what you must bring with you to the polls on Election Day.
What if I go to the polls and they tell me I am not registered to vote?
First, make sure you are at the right polling place. If you are at the wrong polling place they will not have your name on list of voters. If you are at the correct location and are not on the list, you can still cast a ballot. Ask the poll worker for a provisional ballot. After the polls close on Election Day the state will check on the status of your voter registration and if there was a mistake made. The state must notify you as to whether your ballot was counted. If you have a problem voting and think your rights have been denied, call (866) OUR- VOTE. There will be lawyers there to help.
On Election Day, if I think my rights have been violated, what should I do?
Call (866) OUR-VOTE if you feel your rights have been violated. There will be lawyers on hand to answer Election Day questions and concerns about voting procedures.
P.S. No phones in the polling booth.
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