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Cannabis joints are commonly consumed for their psychoactive effects, but a different type of cannabis joint provides the curative benefits of CBD without the THC high also exists.

 Known as CBD or hemp joints, and sometimes called cigarettes (although they do not contain tobacco), these products are not the most popular form of CBD delivery, but they do serve consumers looking for a joint-like smoke.

Here are some things to consider when using a CBD joint or pre-roll...

It’s going to smell like weed because it’s the same plant.
Hemp is cannabis sativa, as is the THC-containing marijuana. Varieties that have been cultivated to produce CBD-heavy buds that do not contain enough THC to produce an effect can be considered legal hemp. CBD smokes won’t get anyone high, but might garner some inquisitive sniffs and raised eyebrows in public.

Hemp joints provide the same healing benefits as CBD.
Cigarettes made out of CBD-dominant cannabis provide the same functionality as other CBD preparations, such as pills, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and concentrates, although it might be one of the least efficient delivery methods, as is the case with THC.

Smoke from hemp cigarettes is not healthy.
Smoke from burning plant matter, including cannabis, contains carcinogens, although the risk of cancer from smoking a CBD joint is the same as that of a THC-containing cannabis joint.

An occasional hemp joint full of CBD can provide a relaxing, pleasurable pause on life, especially when pain and inflammation relief is more pressing than a head buzz.

A hemp joint might not be for everyone, but pre-rolls with CBD-heavy legal buds are part of the varied cannabis market and available for the sore, sleepless or anxious tokers not looking to get high.

Stay Chill-

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