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Ice Cube talks film, and his Oakland Raiders
The Ice Cube documentary might reportedly be cancelled following a petition launched to scrap his Straight Outta LA ESPN 30 for 30 series. Over the last week, the Ice Cube documentary has been the talk of the town as the rapper's recent tweets on social media have been criticized as 'anti-Semitic'. Reports claim that the Ice Cube documentary might now face the brunt of being cancelled after the rapper's recent Twitter activity which has offended the Jewish community.

The ESPN 30 for 30 Ice Cube documentary has made headlines after a petition from the Jewish community that has called for the Ice Cube ESPN 30 for 30 documentary to be cancelled. According to reports from the Jewish Journal, the petition states that during the month of June, Ice Cube used his Twitter profile to spread over 10-year-old conspiracy theories about the Jewish community and how they've made their money on the back of the African-American slaves. The petition also claims that Ice Cube called support for Louis Farrakhan, a minister who claimed that the 'Satanic Jews run the entire world' while the petitioners stated, 'We are not anti-Semite, we are anti-Termite.’

The request then went on to argue that the Ice Cube ESPN 30 for 30 documentary should be cancelled in order to send a message that anti-Semitism is unacceptable. ESPN then received an ultimatum in conclusion which claimed that if the Ice Cube ESPN 30 for 30 documentary is not taken down, the company is displaying its support for anti-Semitism. The petition to take down the Ice Cube ESPN documentary has already received over 700 signatures, while ESPN opted not to comment on the petition as of now.

The Ice Cube documentary premiered on May 11, 2010. The 51-year-old's 'Straight Outta LA' documentary highlights NFL side Las Vegas Raiders who played in Los Angeles for 13 seasons during 1982 till 1994. The Ice Cube documentary showcases how the Raiders symbolised the rise of rap music in LA, which became extremely famous during that period of time.

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